torsdag 16 september 2010

My first KNITTED tablecloth ever :D

The only diificult thing with this one is to not lose any of the needles in the start when there are very few stitches. Other than that it is like any other lace work :o) This cloth is btw only 44 cm. Thought that was a good size for my first try on this :D

måndag 6 september 2010

More stuff for the little one :o)

Mixed feelings when it comes to these things. The trousers was ment for my niece who was born late April. But an allergic shock that almost put me 6 feet under put an end to all knitting and crocheting for a while. So I didn't get to finish it in time. Now that I've finally finished it, it's just in time for my own baby who can pop out any time now :o)
The crocheted jacket is made from a pattern I'll never use again for sure. When it came to the sleeves I had to improvise, cause the pattern was simply useless. Hopefully the jacket will be good in use :o) The rainbowbuttons is picked out by little bigsis :) She loves to go to the yarnstore and pick out buttons :)


Blanket crocheted with babycotton. Twas no easy thing to block it with my not so small babytummy :o) Quite happy to finally have found use for this yarn which I bought for a year ago....or was it two.. :/
I can honestly say that I'm sick 'n tired of this colour now :o) Size of the blanket....approx 82x84 cm.