tisdag 15 mars 2011

Ayannas new hat :o)

Peek-a-boo....hiding from the camera :o)

Another Drops design,-this time in Drops Alpakka :)

måndag 14 mars 2011

Another pair of socks :o)

This time with an extra little "touch" ;o) Still Merino Extra Fine. I can really recommand these socks. I've tried them out both on babyfeet and toddlerfeet in kindergarten :o) They're still as fine as if they were new :))) And ofcourse soft and NOT itching :o)

torsdag 10 mars 2011

Bib :)

A colourful bib from Drops design, for the little one :o)

Et finir :o)

Purple socks are Drops design,-and the regular grey socks are only a product of my head :o)

onsdag 2 mars 2011

Some finished and some ongoing socks :o)

Slippers :)

These are made for a bit bigger feet than this :oP
Slippers size 4y. These are Drops design, but I didn't use the original yarn. I used Schackenmayr Alpaka, and felted them just a little bit :o) I think that is better than the original yarn (drops baby merino)for the toddler sizes :) I put a ribbon with the name on on the back,- so they don't disappear in the kindergarten :o)