onsdag 23 juni 2010

New jacket for the rascal :o)

When one have to be without a computer for a couple of days the needles take over. This time it resulted in a new summerjacket for my youngest daughter. Stash yarn and buttons the little one picked out herself for a few months ago, deciding they were ment for a jacket whenever I made one for her. Maybe not the best match but who cares :P My little one has a thing for smileys, så for her it couldn't be more perfect :)

lördag 19 juni 2010


Wooltrousers size 6/9 months.

Hat added :o)

fredag 11 juni 2010


Drops shawl in Alpaca. Knitted in a hurry from stash yarn since I need something on cold days now that my jackets doesn't fit around my big fat belly :o) The baby isn't expected before september so it will keep growing the whole summer.
My 3y old, Malaika liked it so much so she's ordered one for her as well. I believe it should be enough yarn for one more :o)